Programs We Offer

MIT Track

The MIT or Ministers in Training Program is designed for adults who wish to prepare themselves for ministry service in the World, the Community, and at Word of Family Worship Cathedral through theological studies, spiritual formation work, ministry practicums, and servant leadership. Students who successfully complete the 24-month program will receive a Certificate of Ministry from the Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development, a one-year ministerial license, and ordination based on ministry needs.

CCL Track

The CCL or Certificate of Church Leadership program provides a strong biblical foundation in church leadership, spiritual formation and WOF protocol. This training is designed to equip those preparing for leadership positions within Word of Faith as well as those who are currently serving as a ministry leader.

CML Track

The CML or Certificate of Marketplace Leadership program for marketplace leaders has a focus on biblical foundations and marketplace leadership skills. Marketplace leaders will experience customized Masters level business training and development. They will be taught by ministers, successful business professionals, and marketplace leaders who will help guide them through how they can let their faith shine through good works, in a secular environment. They will also learn how to be competent leaders who know how to positively impact the bottom line for any organization.


From Our Clients

While I expected to learn numerous things about church leadership, I did not expect to grow as much as I have. I have become more comfortable with doing things outside of my comfort zone, been able to discover and further develop the gifts that God has given me, and been provided all the necessary support I needed to thrive as a leader whether inside or outside the church.

Rev. Zontwell Hudson, MANTLE MIT Graduate

IMLD has really stretched my thought process to the point that I now go looking for Scripture to bring clarity to my life experiences. I can now lead others into the knowledge and understanding of how we should walk with Christ as the Head of our lives. To be a good leader is to always be mindful of what Jesus would do in every area of our lives.

Marie Eason, CCL Graduate

Before IMLD I knew that God had a calling on my life, but it wasn't until I was well into my IMLD journey that I realized that leadership and pastoring were my top spiritual gifts. Not only did IMLD help me to discover these gifts, but my experience has also helped me to further develop those gifts in every area of my life. My understanding of leadership has grown and has been noticed by everyone that I connect with, especially in my home, at work, and in ministry.

Rev. Danny Wade II, MIT Graduate